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Find a powerful probiotic ally in the Fortify™ brand. Each of our exclusive formulas are guaranteed to deliver billions of live cultures in every serving. Plus, Fortify capsules feature a delayed release design to help our probiotics survive stomach acid. Promote digestive balance and immune health with the Fortify product that’s right for you.*

Some probiotic brands only guarantee potency through time of manufacture. With Fortify, all our formulas are GUARANTEED to contain the potency noted on the label through the expiration date.


Compare to Leading Brands

Primadophilus® Fortify™ offers more live cultures per serving than leading brands.

A chart comparing Fortify Probiotics fifty billion cultures to other leading brands that have less
† Top two selling brands based on 52 week dollar sales ending 11/5/2017

Support Digestive Health & Immunity with Fortify*

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