What’s New in Probiotics? Dual Action.

What’s New in Probiotics? Dual Action. 

Would you rather have one super power, or two? Ask anyone, and chances are they’ll pick two. It’s just human nature to want more. And it’s that thinking that lead us to develop our latest innovation in probiotics.

Our experience shows us people are looking for simple solutions to meet their health needs. That’s why the idea to combine probiotics with other nutrients is a great way to help get multiple benefits in one convenient form.

Combining the Best of Two Worlds

We made it our mission to seek out probiotic strains and specific nutrients that have complementary benefits to help you harness the power of multiple ingredients in a single serving.

The Fortify™ Dual Action™ line of probiotics provides the power of our Fortify probiotics, with added ingredients to address other benefits you might be looking for.

Our new Dual Action™ formulas include:

  • Immune Defense – Probiotics with vitamin C and zinc to support a healthy immune system.*
  • Digestive Complete – Probiotics and enzymes to support the breakdown and absorption of nutrients.*
  • Energy Support – Probiotics and B vitamins to support energy metabolism.* 
  • Urinary Health – Probiotics and cranberry to promote vaginal and urinary health.*

Want to learn more about probiotics? Check out more resources to help you fortify yourself with knowledge (sorry, we had to) and shop with confidence.