Keeping Your Microbiomes in Balance

The human microbiome is an amazing thing (seriously, it’s so amazing we devoted an entire article to fully explaining it).  The microbiome is not just limited to one place -- four microbiomes that have a profound impact on our wellbeing include the oral microbiome, gut microbiome, vaginal microbiome, and skin microbiome.


Each of these microbiomes contain a unique balance of micro-organisms that are interrelated. This interconnectedness is what allows someone to take an oral probiotic with the proper strains, digest it, and realize benefits in places adjacent to the digestive tract. For example, taking our Fortify Women’s Probiotic, one might be able to realize associated digestive and vaginal health benefits.

We still haven’t discovered everything there is to know about the microbiome – the things we learn about the microbiome increase every day. One thing we do understand is that there is a wide spectrum of diversity in the microbiome.   Microbial diversity is encouraged when new bacteria are introduced into the microbiome.

Promoting Diversity Within Your Microbiome

Diversity can be affected by a huge number things – some of which we have no control over! Diversity is impacted by age, gender, how you were born and where you live. There are some other factors – that we can control – that also impact diversity in the microbiome. These include exercise, having pets, and what you eat (among others).

When we pursue daily choices that help promote diversity, like exercise or eating a diet rich in fiberi , we can realize benefits far beyond our current understanding. That’s where probiotics can fit in. Using a probiotic with multiple strains is a dietary supplement option that provides a diverse group of beneficial probiotics for your microbiome.
i Holscher HD. Dietary fiber and prebiotics and the gastrointestinal microbiota. Gut Microbes. 2017;8(2):172-184.